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This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was crazy, to say the least. In fact, I was so creeped out by the mental ward scenes, that I was willing to excuse the fact that Ezra was M.I.A this week. (No worries, next week he’ll be back in full force.)

Rosewood Has Gone Mental

I love how the mental hospital is the only place in town that seems to be making a an effort to save money on their energy bill. Seriously. Turn a light on people. Hanna and Aria were super brave- or super stupid, to go searching for Mona in the dark deserted wings of the loony bin. Not only did they find her, but she was chillin’ in the “Children’s Ward” rockin’ some creepy-ass baby dolls and speaking gibberish. And then we find out that her gibberish is actually code? “Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife” (Maya Knew)  See: Crazy… CRAZY AWESOME!!!

Where Are All These People Coming From?

This week introduced some newbies to Rosewood:

Mr. Dilarentis: Now here’s a fella that means business. For a father who didn’t care enough to attend his own daughter’s funeral, had no problem showing up, guns hot, and with an ax to grind. Mr. D could possibly be more intimidating than Mr. Hastings.

CeCe: I’m not sure I’m a fan of this broad. Forsomeone who seemed to know everything about The Liars, I find it odd that this is their fist actual encounter.

Threatening to scratch out Jenna’s eyes? Okay, that did earn her some bonus points with me. A new character willing to go toe to toe with Jenna? For drama’s sake, I hope she sticks around for a while.

Coffee House Zack: I give this guy two thumbs up. Ella Montgomery needs to by a one-way ticket on that train.

I was so relieved when Ella’s date with Pastor Ted was a bust because- BORING! Although I did find it hilarious that a pastor would answer a personal ad titled “Hot Momma.”

Also, I love the irony of Aria now holding the title for “Most Age Appropriate Relationship” in the Montgomery household.  Seriously. Someone owes Ezra a job.

What Lies Ahead?

1.)  I’m dying to see the fallout of Aria meeting Ezra’s mother. I’m also curious about the truth behind Mr. Money Bags. Spill your guts, Mr. Fitz.

2.) I’m oddly excited about the development of Ella and Coffee House Zack. Hopefully we are done with awkward Pastor What’s-His-Butt. Although, I did like how he got Hanna’s mom all hot ‘n bothered.

3.) Mona, Mona, Mona. What’s she not telling us about Maya?

Well, enough of my yammerin’.  What are your thoughts this week?