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This episode presents the most bizarre yet intense game of Truth or Dare Truth I’ve ever seen. I’m serious. I think I held my breath through both rounds.

This episode starts off with Aria trying to get Spencer on board with investigating the latest clue from Maya’sSpace. It’s a picture of a stamp that is associated with some mysterious traveling party. Spencer is reluctant, to say the least. She’s been spending so much time super sleuthing lately, that she forgot to apply to college. COLLEGE!

Luckily, this CeCe broad shows up. It turns out that CeCe is not only book smart, for she too attended Spencer’s dream school, but she’s also a great multi-tasker. She’s headed to a party later that night, and guy who happens to work in the University’s admissions office will most likely be there.

She agrees to let these two ladies tag along, and Spencer is over the moon.

While things are working out for these two, it’s a different story at the Marin Household. Officer Barry shows up, and he’s out for blood. Hanna’s. He needs a sample to see if it’s a match to the trace amounts found on Alison’s ankle bracelet.

I’m not gonna, lie. I can’t remember why Hanna is the only one who needs to provide a sample, but her mom is pretty worried about it and immediately makes a call to Mrs. Hastings.

And then we have these two.

These two are trying to keep their distance. Hanna decided, that with a new A on the loose, it wasn’t safe for Caleb to be around her. Caleb, who was tired of being left in the dark on Hanna’s secrets agreed it was a good idea for them to part company. They exchange awkward pleasantries, and longing looks until Hanna gets a text message from A.

Spencer agrees that things are too dangerous for Caleb to get involved. She’s also relieved to find out that Hanna has been keeping her distance from Mona.

It would appear that being kept in the dark seems to be working out for Emily and Paige. Emily has finally to moved on after losing Maya, and if Spencer and Hanna give her the passwords to what they’ve discovered on Maya’s website, they’re not so sure her heart will be able to handle it.

Hanna, realizes that although it will be difficult for Emily, she needs to know about the website and gives her the password anyway. 

Aria, drops by to visit Ezra, and she’s just in time to overhear some angry shouting.

And then THIS guy comes storming out.

Surprise! It’s Ezra’s little brother Wesley. Wes wants the 411 on Aria, but Ezra is not in the mood for family bonding and sends him on his merry way. Then Aria makes this face, which is pretty much my favorite Aria expression.

Aria, who is one smart cookie, instantly concludes that Wesley’s visit had to do with money. She confesses to Ezra that his mom tried to pay her to break up with him.

Naturally, Ezra is less than pleased. He explains to Aria that the car he sold actually belonged to Wes, and now Mom is making him buy it back. Only now, the price of the car is much steeper and Ezra has to borrow the money from his mother to pay for it. (At this point, who knows if this “car” really exists. All I know is that Momma Fitz(gerald) is making it really difficult for her son to cut the cord.)

Across town, Ashley Marin and trying to square things away with her lawyer, in regards to Hanna’s blood sample. On her way out of the office, she runs into Pastor Ted.  I think it’s interesting how the chemistry works on this show. Ella and Pastor Ted were so awkward to watch together, but these two? I’m rooting for them. Anyway, they both agree that having coffee together sometime wouldn’t completely suck.

This next part made me laugh. It’s a good thing Spencer has the sense to ask Aria’s advise for college party/application attire, because Spencer owns way too much plaid. And don’t even get me started on her selection of collegiate blazers.

And then they have a nice moment. Spencer assures Aria that things with Ezra will work out, she shares an anecdote about the time she shaved her dad’s sideburns in his sleep and then the two of them actually laugh. It was fun to watch a scene where they weren’t totally consumed by A.

And seconds later, it’s back to serious business. CeCe takes the girls to the party and when they get there, things look a little too familiar.

Not only is the location familiar, but so is the party stamp. I’m not gonna lie, when I saw there was a “list” and stamping involved for this party it made me laugh. I mean seriously. It’s a bunch of college kids sitting on logs drinking from their Solo cups. Anyhoo, I have decided- right now as I type this- that from now on, whenever I throw a shindig, I’m going to hire a bouncer to stand at my door with a list and a stamper because why not?

Inside the cabin, we run into this guy.

It’s Noel Kahn’s older brother, Eric. According to CeCe, he’s known for grand acts of douchebaggery and epic games of Truth or Dare.

Emily, who is back at home browsing through Maya’s website is not in the partying mood.

Outside the Grille, Hanna has gone to meet A. Only she was supposed to come alone, and gets upset when she sees that Caleb is stalking her.

It turns out, Caleb’s no dummy. He’s put 2 and 2 together and knows that, although Mona’s in the loony bin, there’s another A on the loose terrorizing Hanna, and he’s had enough of it.

Back at the Kahn Cabin, Spencer and Aria have had enough of this party and are ready to bounce when these two show up kicking the party into full throttle.

First it’s Aria vs. Noel in a game of Truth or Truth. Noel wastes his time asking really vague questions, all of which he already knows the answers to, about Aria’s “relationship” and uses the word “teacher” a lot, but she manages to get through the round unscathed. Aria’s questions were a little more on point, but not too much was revealed. 

It turns out that Maya had attended a few of Noel’s parties, in fact, there was a party at the cabin the night Alison’s grave was dug up. Although Spencer couldn’t wait for her turn vs. Jenna, Aria  wanted to get far away from Noel post-haste. She called Ezra to pick her up, but he was unavailable.

Elsewhere, in an alley by the train stop, Hanna explains to Caleb just how dangerous this new A is. She tells him that the real reason she wanted him to stay away, was to protect him. After all, A had flown all the way to Montecito to play bumper cars with Caleb’s mom.

This clears up a lot for Caleb and he is now more determined than ever to help Hanna take A down. Teamwork is a beautiful thing.

Back at the Kahn Cabin, it’s Spencer vs. Jenna. If I had been the time-keeper for this round, I would have just let things go on…forever. Seriously. These two ladies were super intense. Jenna wanted to get her hands on the video of her and Toby, while Spencer wanted to know what happened to Alison.

The mood was much lighter at Hanna’s house. Ashley Marin and Paster Ted were having a nice dinner/date.

Of course nothing kills romance like getting hassled by the popo.

No worries, though. Paster Dan seems like a decent fella, and is willing to take a chance on Ms. Marin.

And then there’s poor Emily. Spending hours alone in one’s room, watching footage of one’s recently deceased girlfriend is bound to take its toll.

Luckily, just as I’m about to reach into my TV to give this sad sack a big ‘ol bear hug, Paige shows up. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about Paige. She’s very sweet one minute and very “if I can’t have you, no one can” the next. Right now she’s very sweet. She tells a charming story about the time she saw her grandpa’s wrinkly ass, which put’s a much-needed smile on Emily’s face.

Across town,  Aria’s Knight in Shining Toyota Camry finally arrives to give her a lift. Only, SURPRISE! It’s Wesley.

After a few minutes of “Sorry we got off on the wrong foot” chit-chat, Wesley does some serious over sharing about his older brother.

WHAT? Wesley just drops a huge bomb in Aria’s lap. Ezra got a girl pregnant, and Mom paid her to “take care of it.” I must admit, I was not expecting this. I knew there was going to be more to Ezra’s story, but I assumed it would involve Mrs. Fitz(gerald) paying off that crazy Jackie woman; I really wanted her to come back on the scene and raise all kinds of hell. But the possibility that there’s another woman out there with a baby Fitz? That totally caught me off guard. Nice job PLL. Likewise, Aria is totally caught off guard.

Suffice it to say, (I’ve always hated that expression, but like to use it now and again just for kicks) Ezra is not pleased with Wesley’s fondness for open communication.

Ezra goes on to explain that he’s not a bad guy. He was just a scared teen who tried to do the right thing for Maggie and turned to his mom for help. Mrs. Fitz(gerald)’s form of helping, involved writing a check in exchange for banishing Maggie from Ezra’s life. Ezra also admits that he tried to contact Maggie, but couldn’t find her. As a result of his anger towards his mother’s problem solving skills, he turned his back on his family and became the adorable Mr. Fitz we know today.

Aria, who knows a thing or two about parents who feel the need to intervene on behalf of their children’s future, seems to understand where Ezra’s coming from decides not to give up on him just yet.

Back at the Kahn party, where Spencer’s been stranded with the likes of Noel and Jenna, CeCe comes through.

Lastly, we’re left with this crazy cat lady. Seriously?

Things to ponder:

Which character would you like to face off with in a game of Truth or Truth? I’m thinking Nate. Or Paige. But mostly Nate.

What ever happened to Maggie and baby Fitz? (Along these lines, Did Momma Fitz(gerald) scare of Jackie too?)

What’s CeCe’s story?



Well, enough of my yammerin’. (I’m off to do the recap for 3.9 )  What are your thoughts about this episode? 


This week, the liars are on a mission to piece together the clues Mona has given them. Maya’s mystery website could hold answers, but her password is obstacle number 1.

At the Montgomery household, things are still a bit dodgy between Aria and her dad. I mean it. Aria can hardly stand to look at him, let alone have a civilized conversation.

Of course dropping bombshells, doesn’t really help the situation.

Aria, handles it like a champ and storms off with her head held high. Atta girl. Meanwhile, Emily has agreed to meet Nate at the boat house, way out in the middle of nowhere, where she and Maya liked to go to escape it all? I don’t know. I don’t remember this place.

Nate acts super sketchy and basically tells Emily that he never understood murderers until he laid eyes on Garret. Now he daydreams about it basically.

Emily is not amused.

Nate tries to make her feel at ease, but it’s a little too late.

Then Aria shows up at Ezra’s all cute and flirty, but he has company.

It’s Ms./Mrs. Fitzgerald- I’m not really sure. Ezra’s parents are divorced, but he and his mom still have the same(ish) last name, even though her family name is Springer? I don’t know. What I do know- this woman is up to no good.

Ezra looks very uncomfortable and is not very thrilled about Mom’s visit.

Aria is super polite and is enthralled by this classy broad.

After extending a mandatory invitation to an art exhibit, that Mrs. Fitzgerald has thrown together, she leaves. Aria is thrilled at the chance to get to know the fam. Ezra, not so much. He admits that he’s only told his mother the half-truth about when they started dating.

Back at the Hastings’ abode, Spencer and Hanna are still trying to get into Maya’s website.

Luckily, Spencer is super smart and a great problem solver.

Just when the girls agree to ask Caleb for help, Toby shows up with his underwear in a bunch. Hanna tries to keep things light, but Toby isn’t having it.

Toby helped Spencer cover up Jason’s drunk driving fiasco, and is now super pissed that he’s nowhere to be found. Rightly so, Toby is tired of Spencer’s lies and wants answers.

After saying his piece, Toby, and his hair, storm out on a mission of their own. Hanna also has a mission of her own. Wren asked to meet with her to talk about Mona. Apparently Mona’s outbursts and medicine smuggling have earned her a ticket on the crazy train to a bigger badder sanitarium in New York.

While some people on this show are great at keeping secrets hidden, Mrs. Hastings? Not so much. Aria drops by Spencer’s to borrow a classy get up for the art gala, and the girls stumble upon Mrs. H’s briefcase full of top-secret court documents. Immediately, the girls go into super detective mode.

In the files, the girls discover the witness list, and, based on Mom’s notes, it looks like this Bart guy knows something.

While these two are unraveling clues, Emily gets some information as well. After jogging out to the middle of nowhere, Paige decides it’s safe to tell Emily the truth about the night her memories got “flasked”.

It turns out, that on the night of Alison’s grave robbery, Emily had shown up on Paige’s doorstep all drunk and disorderly.

Taking it as a sign, Paige had invited her in for a little make out session, but soon realized Emily had been drugged. While Paige disappeared to call 911 get her a drink of water, Emily disappeared from the house. Out of shame, Paige had kept these details a secret.

At Radley Sanitarium, there has been a hiccup in “Operation Mona”.  It turns out that Wren’s professional recommendation for Mona is not going over too well with the Psychiatric board.

Wren thinks the board could make a more informed decision after hearing the recommendations of Mona’s 17-year-old high school friend.

Across town, Aria drops by the theater to shake Bart down.

It turns out that Bart really remembers Maya because she was a real looker, and who could forget a face like that. He quickly tells Aria all that he knows.

Bart is pretty sure he saw Maya getting into Officer Garret’s car the night she was murdered. Aria cannot believe what she is hearing.

Back at Spencer’s, Caleb is working his magic. And can I just say- these two together? I approve. Shakin’ things up on PLL.

While Caleb hacks, Spencer gives him dry-cleaning tips for his wardrobe upgrade. Thanks to his bio-mom, Caleb has come into some money. And then this happened…

And then this…


Spencer and Caleb are in and they are super excited.

Elsewhere, in a world that is much more  sophisticated, Aria and Ezra arrive at the art gala. Aria knew Ezra wasn’t thrilled about spending time with his mother, but can’t help but wonder if she is missing something.

Ezra comes clean and tells Aria that all of the art on display belonged to his grandparents and that his family has MONEY.  Out of disapproval over the lifestyle of the rich and stuck up, he chose to sever ties with his family.

Seriously, folks. I think these two have weathered far more treacherous storms.

Oh wait. I forgot about this lady. Mrs. Fitzgerald is clearly not an Ezria shipper.

As soon as Aria is left alone to admire the art, Momma Fitz moves in. At first she is all smiles and whatnot, but soon, her true colors are revealed.

It seems that Mrs. Fitzgerald is quite comfortable using her money to buy people off. Also, she must have hired a PI, or Binged the crap out of Aria’s family, because she seems to know everything. She then scolds Aria for ruining her son’s life and tells her she’s nothing but trouble. When she asks Aria to name her price, Aria is floored by the audacity of this woman and makes a quick getaway.

Ezra is none too pleased with his mother’s shenanigans. In his Ezra-like way, he tells her off.

Inside the Radley Psychiatric Board meeting, Hanna is not faring too well. She’s pulling all the stops by diving into her summer vocab list, but is making little headway.

Finally she decides to speak from the heart. She explains how she and Mona used to be at the bottom of the Rosewood High totem pole, but after some fierce studying of Cosmo Girl, they managed to rise to the top. Only, Mona couldn’t deal with the pressure of popularity and cracked.

It turns out Hanna is not the only one speaking from the heart. Emily drops by Paige’s house to come clean about her feelings. She’s come to the conclusion that she ended up at Paige’s house that night because she truly did have feeling for her. Paige still feels guilty about her actions and is angry at the mystery person who slipped the drugs into Emily’s flask.

Back at home, Aria is not doing so well. Mrs. Fitzgerald’s words have really gotten to her. She can’t help but think Ezra would be better off without her.

Byron, seeing that his daughter is clearly upset, stops in to comfort her.

And then they share a long overdue hug. (Also, is Byron’s ear pierced? I would love to see an episode where he rocks one of Aria’s giant feather earrings.)

Things are also working out for Hanna and Wren. Turns out the Psychiatric Board could totally relate to Hanna, and decided to keep Mona around.

Luckily Aria and Spencer need Hanna to come look at Maya’s website. Now that Caleb has gotten them in, they have hundreds of files; all possibly containing potential clues.

The more they pry into Maya’s personal videos, the more awkward these girls feel. Hanna, however, is determined to see where the clues lead.

Then a video pops up revealing a clearly terrified Maya.

Before the girls can watch it, they agree that they need to tell Emily what they’ve found. Unfortunately, Emily is otherwise occupied and can’t hear her phone.

Then we are left with A, who shows up at a bank covered in head-to-toe black, including a hoodie… you know, typical banking attire, with some serious Benjamins.

What lies ahead? 

1.) Will we get to see the video that had Maya terrified to the core?

2.) With Nate and Paige both so willing to jump on the murdering bandwagon, will either one of them ever get to look their tormentor in the eyes?

3.) Just how much time and energy is Mrs. Fitzgerald willing to dedicate to sinking the Ezria ship?

4.) Does Meredith stand a chance at becoming Rosewood High’s teacher of the year?

Well, enough of my yammerin’. What are your thoughts this week?

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was crazy, to say the least. In fact, I was so creeped out by the mental ward scenes, that I was willing to excuse the fact that Ezra was M.I.A this week. (No worries, next week he’ll be back in full force.)

Rosewood Has Gone Mental

I love how the mental hospital is the only place in town that seems to be making a an effort to save money on their energy bill. Seriously. Turn a light on people. Hanna and Aria were super brave- or super stupid, to go searching for Mona in the dark deserted wings of the loony bin. Not only did they find her, but she was chillin’ in the “Children’s Ward” rockin’ some creepy-ass baby dolls and speaking gibberish. And then we find out that her gibberish is actually code? “Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife” (Maya Knew)  See: Crazy… CRAZY AWESOME!!!

Where Are All These People Coming From?

This week introduced some newbies to Rosewood:

Mr. Dilarentis: Now here’s a fella that means business. For a father who didn’t care enough to attend his own daughter’s funeral, had no problem showing up, guns hot, and with an ax to grind. Mr. D could possibly be more intimidating than Mr. Hastings.

CeCe: I’m not sure I’m a fan of this broad. Forsomeone who seemed to know everything about The Liars, I find it odd that this is their fist actual encounter.

Threatening to scratch out Jenna’s eyes? Okay, that did earn her some bonus points with me. A new character willing to go toe to toe with Jenna? For drama’s sake, I hope she sticks around for a while.

Coffee House Zack: I give this guy two thumbs up. Ella Montgomery needs to by a one-way ticket on that train.

I was so relieved when Ella’s date with Pastor Ted was a bust because- BORING! Although I did find it hilarious that a pastor would answer a personal ad titled “Hot Momma.”

Also, I love the irony of Aria now holding the title for “Most Age Appropriate Relationship” in the Montgomery household.  Seriously. Someone owes Ezra a job.

What Lies Ahead?

1.)  I’m dying to see the fallout of Aria meeting Ezra’s mother. I’m also curious about the truth behind Mr. Money Bags. Spill your guts, Mr. Fitz.

2.) I’m oddly excited about the development of Ella and Coffee House Zack. Hopefully we are done with awkward Pastor What’s-His-Butt. Although, I did like how he got Hanna’s mom all hot ‘n bothered.

3.) Mona, Mona, Mona. What’s she not telling us about Maya?

Well, enough of my yammerin’.  What are your thoughts this week?